Brave Actress Survives Uwe Boll Movie, Becomes American Idol Finalist

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We've heard some rough hard-luck stories over American Idol's previous seven seasons — ones involving broken families, record-label tomfoolery, terminal illness, and worse — but this is a first. The list of Idol's 36 eighth-season finalists leaked on Friday and on it is Jessica Tohn, an actress whose career appears to have miraculously survived an Uwe Boll movie. Tohn played the role of Faith, a terrorist-killing coffee-shop barista, in Boll's recent Postal (nominated for three 2008 Razzies!). Her continued willingness to show her face in public and on television is truly an inspiration, and almost makes up for both the Jason Mraz song she auditioned with and the fact that she is completely irritating. See her Idol tryout, plus her acting skills in Postal, after the jump!

Here she is on Idol:

And here she is in Postal:

"American Idol" Wannabe Goes Postal!
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