Brave Thespian Attempts Bold New Take on Friday the 13th’s Hockey-Masked Killer


"I know the series already. So I'm familiar with the other actors' performances. It was tough, because what I had to do for the character, I had to put what I'd seen before aside and kind of try to forget about it." —Stuntman and actor Derek Mears on how he managed to reinvent the character of Jason Vorhees for the remake of Friday the 13th [SciFiWire]

"We decided that as we start to die off, the living members will get to dress whoever dies for their coffin. Yeah. So the only member of The State who gets to dress themself is whoever outlives all the rest of us. Otherwise, people are going to be buried in swimsuits and roller-skates, or like a full Iron Man costume." Thomas Lennon on the future of The State [A.V. Club]

"Ten years ago, when I made Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I thought I ought to try acid, but I never dared because I knew I would never distinguish between fantasy and reality. It was only 15 years ago that I discovered I couldn't fly." Terry Gilliam [Telegraph UK]

"Their caliber is unparalleled, their talent untouchable. Their choices are always brilliant and the movie can only be made better surrounded by such people." Ginnifer Goodwin on the cast of He's Just Not That Into You [Buzzsugar]

"We'll do a song called 'Gimme Some More Money,' probably with some dubious results." Harry Shearer on an upcoming Spinal Tap reunion [Female First]