Cam’ron Has a Case of the Mondays


Cam’ron is not a populist; he’s not even really a pop star. Even if his shine has faded since Purple Haze, Cam’s one of the most arrogant men in one of the most arrogant businesses, rapping. So why does “I Hate My Job” exist?

The beat’s a classic Killah-type production — big, bright, and bouncy — but Cam’s surprisingly straightforward verses are all about the plight of the working man. And working woman: The laughably low-budget video briefly features a cute-but-put-upon young lady whom we think would normally inspire something decidedly cruder and more sexual in Cam’ron. We’re surprised he doesn’t say he’s got a case of the Mondays. Which makes us kind of love this song. Plus, how awesome is it that one of the guys interviewing him says, “You know we’re not hiring murderers, right?”