David Cross to Outsmart Movie Studio by Appearing Drunk in Children’s Film


"Unfortunately I am contractually obligated to do the Alvin movie. There is nothing however in my contract that says I can't show up to work stinking drunk every day though, so I'll have the last laugh." David Cross [Gothamist]

"I wouldn't say it's a short movie by any stretch. But it's the tightest version that I could give them and not feel like I raped it a little bit." Zack Snyder on his rape-free version of Watchmen [NYT]

"It made the bluegrass charts. I don't know how much that means. It might have sold two." Steve Martin on "The Crow" [NYT]

"I had to learn how to act. And that just takes some people longer than others. I'm no Leonardo DiCaprio." Adam Baldwin [NYT]

"I was like, 'This shit is so movie, before I even get to the first song.'" Busta Rhymes on listening to Cuban Linx for the first time [MTV]

"Is he a great drummer? Well you'd have to wait until Ringo Starr is dead and [Phil] Collins is dead and all these other great rock drummers until you can make that kind of decision …. We decided that bad behaviour and overdosing on various substances wasn't a sufficient qualification to get a blue plaque." Sir Christopher Frayling of the English Heritage committee on rejecting an application to honor Keith Moon with a blue plaque [Guardian]