Entertainment Weekly Tastefully Omits Twilight Helmer From List of Greatest Directors


Last night, Entertainment Weekly revealed its list of the 50 Greatest Active Film Directors, and only cinema's most revered auteurs are included — Jon Favreau, Zack Snyder, Mel Gibson, etc. Christopher Nolan is at No. 4, only three women made the cut (they're near the bottom), and Oscar nominees Stephen Daldry and Gus Van Sant are but two of the many hilarious omissions. Yes, as others have pointed out, it's a pretty terrible list. Even so, we'll give credit where it's due — we'd like to commend EW for not including Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke, even if it would've given them a terrific excuse to put vampires on the cover again (or at least a better excuse than the one they had the last three times).

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