Even Jane Krakowski Isn’t Sure Whether 30 Rock’s McFlurry Was Product Placement


Tina Fey may have informed Vulture that, despite appearances, there was no McFlurry product placement on this week's 30 Rock. But maybe it doesn't matter! Because, as Jane Krakowski, who plays Jenna Maroney on the show, told us Friday night at Paul Simon's Beacon Theatre concert, the McFlurry bit worked as product placement anyway. “My friends have called me about the McFlurry all day long,” she said. “They can’t get a McFlurry or Michael McDonald out of their head. They want to listen to Michael McDonald while having a McFlurry, and they’re not sure why.”

Krakowski seemed lost in the confusing existential landscape of products the show has created. First, she told us firmly "We don’t have any money in McFlurry!" But then she quickly second-guessed herself. "I don't know. I'm not in on those meetings. Do you know?" Krakowski was, at least, sure that this wasn't like what the show had gone through with Snapple. "Because when we had the Snapple guy, there was actually a man from Snapple [on our set]," she said.

We'll have more on the philosophical implications of all this next week.