Genius Indie Rockers Fol Chen Recruit Cheerleaders for Video


Fol Chen is a mysterious electropop band (the identities of the members are secret) from Los Angeles. Part 1: John Shade, Your Fortune's Made, out this week on Asthmatic Kitty, is their debut album. "Cable TV" — a delightfully literal love song about a couple enjoying motel amenities together, with killer bass burbles and just the right amount of sitar — is that album’s first single. And those fit girls doing the stop-motion gyrating in the "Cable TV" video? Those are Laker Girls. Which means it’s time to step your game up, New York City indie-rock bands — we expect to see at least the Knicks City Kids in a music video by the end of March. (Bonus click: "Cable TV," as remixed by Liars.)