Update: Guy Ritchie’s Ridiculously Unrealistic Sherlock Holmes Movie NOT Branded ‘Ridiculously Unrealistic’ by Studio


Update: According to a Warner Bros. spokesperson, reports of reshoots are "completely false" and the Sun "fabricated this story."

According to England's oft-reliable Sun, Warner Bros. has asked Guy Ritchie for reshoots on "five weeks' worth of scenes" on his upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie. The film — a Bourne-esque action thriller that replaces Arthur Conan Doyle's classic cocaine-sniffing detective with a badass, drug-free Robert Downey Jr. who's awesome at martial arts and sword fighting — purportedly includes a section that WB executives have called "ridiculously unrealistic." Sadly, the Sun doesn't tell us if it's the part with all the martial arts, the scene where Sherlock gets in a sword fight, or the one in which he does not use cocaine.

Guy is told to re-film Holmes [Sun UK]
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