Inglourious Basterds Promises to Reverse Trend of ‘Downbeat’ Holocaust Films


Did you make your way through every option that Vulture outlined for you on our entire Holocaust-movie flowchart only to find yourself feeling less than satisfied? Then boy oh boy, the New York Post has just the movie for you! In today's "Page Six" column, the paper gleefully trumpets Quentin Tarantino's "strangely spelled" (their words) Inglourious Basterds as "the blood-spattered antidote for anyone who's depressed by the recent torrent of Holocaust movies" and promises that it is a "big change from all the downbeat Holocaust films over the holidays." So did someone at "Page Six" actually get to see some footage?

Well, you see, not exactly. In addition to quoting the always impartial fanboy icon Harry Knowles, the column also paraphrases an interview that Tarantino did with Empire, in which he promises that this film will have a scene that resembles "Reservoir Dogs but with Nazis and in German." We know that QT made his mark by stealing borrowing ideas from little-seen films (see: City On Fire), but the news that he's taken to recycling ideas from his own canon is just as concerning to us as our reactions to the film's strangely lifeless teaser trailer (which, for posterity's sake, we have included below — no more Mark Steines voice-over!). That said, just three more months til Cannes!