Is This Man the Hipster Runoff Guy?


The true identity of Carles, the mysterious author of the satirical Hipster Runoff blog, has been a subject of speculation for some time now, but according to a theory by the Smashing Pumpkins–centric blog Hipsters United, Carles might be Brooklyn author Tao Lin (who was interviewed by New York's Sam Anderson last month). There's no real smoking-gun evidence, but they do make an interesting case noting the writers' stylistic similarities and thematic obsessions, as well as their intensifying online relationship — Lin's poetry has been featured on HRO podcasts, and he and Carles have been publicly conversing via Twitter. We're not totally convinced, but Lin's response in the comments ("carles likes big macs, i prefer fish filets") makes it seem more plausible. [Hipsters United] Update: Tao Lin Is Maybe Probably Not the Hipster Runoff Guy