Jamie Foxx Redeems Himself?


Jamie Foxx’s musical career has long been a thorn in our side; technically the guy’s talented, we guess, but every time he makes a guest appearance on a song by an artist we like, it’s both more time we're forced to spend with the ubiquitous celeb and food out of the mouths of the nation’s anonymous hook singers. But today, Foxx’s musical career has seemingly redeemed itself: No one else — no one else — has the juice necessary to pull Mr. Ron Howard into a club-rap video. The dapper director — rolling out of the drop-top about 44 seconds into "Blame it on the Alchohol" — hasn’t looked this amused since that time Ralph Malph ruined the ending of Mr. Roberts for the Cunninghams. See him smirking again at 2:58, 4:01, 4:09, and 4:47.