Julie White Can Confirm the Appearance of Huge Transformer in Transformers 2


Here at Vulture, we make no bones about our intense appreciation for the work of Broadway star (and Cavemen actress!) Julie White. So it was terrific, as always, to bump into her at the Drama League's 25th Annual Gala at the Rainbow Room last night, at which she was still excited after two of her upcoming movies (Transformers 2 and Monsters and Aliens) were advertised during Sunday's Super Bowl: "It was a first for me," she told us. "I mean, I didn't appear in the commercials, but at least I knew I was somewhere tangentially related." So, given her tangential relation to Transformers 2, we asked if she could shed any light on the continuing fan speculation over which robots will actually appear in the movie. "No. I don't know anything about a Transformer. I call them all Megadad. But the big one is called, like, Mega-mega-megger-megalomania. But I always just called him Megatron, which made Michael Bay very mad, because his name is something else," she told us, probably referring to Devastator, we guess. "So no. I'm just, I'm still not up on my Transformers."

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