Kanye Blasts Thom Yorke, Praises O.J. Simpson


Given that VH1 has more or less become a full-time reality-show network, we're surprised and saddened to learn that the juiciest and/or weirdest comments made by Kanye West during the taping of his episode of Storytellers have been left on the cutting-room floor. In the excised footage, West praises the "amazing" qualities of O.J. Simpson, asks the world to give Chris Brown "a break," and goes on a rant about how Radiohead's Thom Yorke snubbed him backstage at the Grammy Awards earlier this month. If West's story is true — apparently he says he politely introduced himself as a fan and Yorke walked away without a word — he's absolutely right to feel aggrieved. In context, though, it's a bit strange: In Kanye West's mind, is the famously introverted and socially awkward Thom Yorke really worse than O.J. Simpson and the guy who allegedly beat up Rihanna simply because he was rude and hurt his feelings?

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