Katherine Heigl’s Brain Tumor Likely Terminal, Claims Co-Star


Grey's Anatomy star James Pickens Jr. has apparently told Us Weekly that Katherine Heigl — whose character, Dr. Izzie, is currently suffering from a brain-tumor-esque ailment — is definitely leaving the show ("Yes, she is," he says). Additionally, T.R. Knight, also rumored to be angling for an exit, is out, too ("He just wanted to pursue other career paths," says Pickens). According to EW's Michael Ausiello's sources, Pickens "jumped the gun," and ABC has not yet let Heigl and Knight out of their contracts, but "it's a safe bet that Katherine and T.R. won't be returning as series regulars next season." Also, Pickens probably shouldn't be too surprised when his character, Dr. Webber, starts getting headaches.

Breaking: Are Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight really leaving 'Grey's Anatomy'? [Ausiello Files/EW]