Lady Sovereign Explains Her Visa Issue


Lady Sovereign finally made it to New York on Monday night for a “secret” show at Pianos, following two previous cancellations which were attributed to “visa issues.” Was her visa “inexplicably revoked,” like Lily Allen’s in 2007? Or was it denied, like Amy Winehouse’s last year “due to use and abuse of narcotics”? Neither! “What happened? I don’t know, they just fucked up,” she told us. “They wouldn’t give me my visa, and I had to wait like, two weeks. I canceled my shows and rebooked them, then I canceled them again. Then I had to wait for four hours outside the embassy at 7 a.m., for no reason, because they decided to tell me at about 10 a.m. that the whole place was closed, and they weren’t doing any visa applications, so I was standing there like a fucking twat.” She says she didn’t have any issues when she landed in the U.S., but her D.J. wasn’t so lucky: “He’s got a skin condition, so they couldn’t read his fingerprints on the thing — he had to keep pressing his hand on that shit. And then he got interrogated and me and [my manager] had to wait two hours for him to come out. We thought he had been deported.”