Leaked: Yeah Yeah Yeahs Would Like You to Dance


Yeah Yeah Yeahs, It's Blitz!

Official release date: April 6, 2009

The Verdict: Though the title It's Blitz! suggests a punky, confrontational tone, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' third proper album turns out to be focused primarily on synth-laden balladry and the trio's skewed approximation of dance-pop. Fans of the band's more hyperactive, yelpy tunes (and Nick Zinner's guitar playing) may feel left out in the cold this time around, but listeners holding out for a return to plaintive love songs along the lines of "Maps" will find a lot to love in mix-tape-ready tracks like "Skeletons," "Runaway," and "Little Shadow." We're especially fond of the upbeat numbers, which filter the manic energy of the band's old rockers through the glossy production and danceable beats. Lead single "Zero" comes off like a dance mix of a great lost Pat Benetar single, "Hysteric" sounds like an inspired Goldfrapp outtake, and "Dragon Queen" is straight-up neo-disco of the Glass Candy/Hercules and Love Affair variety. This reinvention of traditional Yeah Yeah Yeahs sound may not please everyone, but we're feeling it.