Michel Gondry Saves The Green Hornet From Development Hell, Realistic-Looking Action


Last month, co-star-director Stephen Chow pulled out of the Seth Rogen–starring The Green Hornet over creative differences, putting the superhero movie's future in doubt and causing speculation that Rogen's weight loss for the role had all been, tragically, just for his health. But today comes word that Sony has, interestingly, hired Michel Gondry to direct, saving the film not just from development hell but also probably from a large budget, since he'll presumably just build all props, sets, and vehicles out of cardboard and tinsel. Chow is still expected to play Rogen's sidekick in Hornet, but if need be, Gondry can probably find way to replace him with a mannequin and some pipe cleaners.

Michel Gondry steps in for 'Green Hornet' [HR]