Mickey Rourke Wins BAFTA Award, Gets Ram-Jammed by BBC Censors


At last night's BAFTA awards in London, trophies went to the usual suspects — Slumdog Millionaire, Danny Boyle, Kate Winslet (for The Reader), Heath Ledger, and Penélope Cruz — plus Mickey Rourke who, during his acceptance speech for Best Actor, dropped two F-bombs and thanked co-star Marisa Tomei for "taking her clothes off all the time." Thanks to Rourke's unusual method of campaigning for awards, Sean Penn seems more and more like the probable Oscar winner right now — but will the Academy realize that a Mickey victory could provide the only possible hope for an interesting ceremony on February 22? God, we hope so! After the jump, see this year's only BAFTA acceptance speech to necessitate an apology from the BBC!

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