MoMA Denies Being Complicit With Poster Boy


CBS Outdoor, the advertising firm that installed the Museum of Modern Art's extensive campaign in the Atlantic-Pacific subway station, believes MoMA was complicit in this past weekend's destruction of several of the ads by Poster Boy and campaign creator Doug Jaeger, CEO of the Happy Corp. But MoMA denies the charge.

"As far as we're concerned, the Happy Corp is MoMA's agent and has been throughout this entire process, so to detach them now at the eleventh hour when something kind of funky happens is not an assumption that I would make," says Jodi Senese, CBS Outdoor's executive vice-president of marketing.

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But CBS Outdoor isn't buying it. "They vandalized our property and they really got involved in vandalizing MTA property as well. I think it's a negative press image that they're pushing on the MTA and on us."

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