Observe and Report Red-Band Trailer: A Darker Blart for These Dark Times


Though audiences have made it a $90 million hit at the box office, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Kevin James's farcical look at shopping-center-based security work, has been blasted by real-life mall cops as "a huge mockery of what we do." So will Jody Hill's grittier, similarly themed, Seth Rogen–starring Observe and Report finally give us a realistic look at the lives of our mall-patrolling heroes? Probably not, but at least there will be way more hilarious swearing, according to this new red-band trailer. It's nice to see Rogen play dark, and we're glad that Aziz Ansari gets the best line here. And while we're not sure if Anna Faris's role as an alcoholic makeup-counter girl is quite the part that America's critics would've wanted for her, it's definitely a step up from The House Bunny.