Vulture’s Fantasy Oscar Odds


The London bookmakers have set the odds for Sunday's Oscars! What can we learn from the pros? Slumdog Millionaire is a heavy favorite for Best Picture. (Most books have Benjamin Button next, at 5-1.) Heath Ledger is a total lock. (Some books are paying off just 1:100 odds on Best Supporting Actor.) And Taraji P. Henson is a 24-to-1 underdog for Best Supporting Actress. (Nate Silver's gonna be rich!)

But whether you get your Oscar odds from London bookies, or American statistician geniuses, or some dude in Vegas who just asks his casino employees what movies they like, all Oscar odds have one thing in common: They only tell you who's gonna win. But what about the parts of the Oscars we really care about, like the speeches, the dresses, and the inexplicable interpretive-dance routines? That's where Vulture's Oscar Odds come in.