Oscar Producers Determined to Get M.I.A. Into Bed


Why won't awards shows leave this poor woman alone? M.I.A. just gave birth last Wednesday, but try telling that to the Oscar producers. Following her heroic performance (and subsequent shafting) at the Grammys on her due date, Bill Condon and Laurence Mark are so desperate to have her sing Slumdog Millionaire's "O Saya" (nominated for Best Original Song) on Sunday that they've allegedly offered to let her perform in a "large bed" onstage. "We'll make it as easy for her as we can," says Mark, who the Guardian reports is also considering her request to appear via Will.I.Am–ish hologram. If she actually goes through with any of this, we hope they'll at least give her a stupid award this time.

MIA invited to perform from bed at Oscars 2009 [Guardian UK via Idolator]

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