Oscar Producers Recruit Judd Apatow in Hopes He’ll Deliver Ratings Gold


Even though this year's Oscars are supposed to be a top-secret affair in which up is down and black is white, the Academy can't help but gab a little bit about their big night. We've already learned that attendees won't be clapping for dead people and that we should expect the unexpected when it comes to the presentation of awards (whatever that means), and now we've found out that Sid Ganis has commissioned man-child Judd Apatow to "contribute both a film and live material" to the show. Our mind races with possibilities as to what Apatow will do, but hopefully it involves a competition between Michael Phelps and Seth Rogen to see who can do the biggest bong rip. Now that oughta spice up the ratings!

Judd Apatow to create short film for Oscar show [AP]