Photograph of Presidential Penis Threatens Broadway


Not since Jason Segel's flaccid member was projected onto silver screens nationwide during Forgetting Sarah Marshall's run at the box office last April has a solitary penis caused as much commotion as George W. Bush's currently is doing on Broadway in You're Welcome America. Or, rather, "an anonymous but age-appropriate public domain Internet penis" that Will Ferrell and the team behind Broadway's newest hit are presenting to be the former president's. According to Patrick Healy of the New York Times, six patrons have "stormed out mid-performance" after seeing Ferrell present the supersize presidential peen on the backdrop of the stage, a number that doesn't seem to be terribly large, considering the Cort Theater seats more than 1,000 people. Still, as we know all too well, even six prudes demanding refunds brings us all just that much closer to the Broadwaypocalypse.

No President Needs This Kind of Exposure [NYT]