Push vs. Push: Which Is Which?


As if marketing Sundance's Grand Jury Prize–winning Push weren't already difficult enough, its distributors have to contend with the release of another movie named Push this weekend. How will moviegoers tell them apart? It won't be easy! Our helpful guide, after the jump.


Plot Precious Jones, an illiterate, overweight, abused African-American teen living in Harlem, struggles to find some semblance of happiness, in this heart-rending urban drama. A nefarious government agency is on the hunt for a defiant squad of white Americans with telekinetic abilities, in this Heroes-style supernatural action thriller.
Breakout Female Star Mo'Nique, as an abusive mother Dakota Fanning, as a girl who can see the future
Sex Object Lenny Kravitz, as a foxy nurse Camilla Belle (Joe Jonas's girlfriend), as a babe with mind-control abilities
Action Sequence A horrifying father-daughter rape scene Some gunfighting through the neon-lit streets of Hong Kong
Acclaim Won Sundance's Dramatic Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award, and Mo’Nique took home a special acting prize "Seems to have been made up as it was being filmed." —Village Voice

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