Shepard Fairey Gets Pinched While Doing Boston a Solid


Hot on the heels of Poster Boy's arrest by the NYPD last week, the world's most famous street artist found himself tossed in a Boston-area pokey over the weekend. Shepard Fairey, whose Barack Obama "Hope" image has become so iconic that even your grandmother recognizes it, was arrested by Boston police over the weekend while he was on his way to a party celebrating his first solo exhibition at Boston's Institute of Contemporary Art (funny, Poster Boy got caught while going to a party in his honor, too). He is set to be arraigned today on two separate counts of illegally tagging his work in the greater Boston area. This isn't the first time that Fairey has run afoul of the law; in fact, this weekend's arrest is his fifteenth, but his first since the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver. No matter how much trouble Fairey faces today, though, it's certainly likely to be a lot less than what Chris Brown is going to find himself dealing with.

Artist of famed Obama poster arrested in Boston [LAT]