Slumdog Millionaire Kids Set to Hit the Red Carpet


While the Slumdog Millionaire backlash was snubbed out by Danny Boyle before it could gain any traction, those crafty Oscar magnets over at Fox Searchlight are going to great lengths to ensure that no one can accuse them of being cheapskates. To wit, they are springing for airfare and hotel accommodations for all nine actors who portrayed the two major characters in Slumdog, including the totally adorable moppets Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail, 10, and Rubina Ali, 9, (pictured above), both of whom are presumably in an airplane somewhere over the Pacific Ocean as we type. While we shudder to think what Tim Gunn is going to say if Rubina's uncle follows through on his joke that he'll "maybe [wear] jeans and a T-shirt" on the red carpet, the thing that we're most concerned about is ensuring that their publicists keep them miles away from Gary Busey.

'Slumdog' child actors will attend Oscars in LA [AP]