U2’s Record Label Hilariously Found Responsible for Accidental Leak of New U2 Record


As the RIAA has taken the fight to rid the world of unscrupulous music pirates overseas, now comes word that the leak of U2's less-than-thrilling new LP was caused not by some eye-patch-wearing BitTorrent swabbie, but rather by the people hoping to make a buck off distributing the album. You see, in a misguided effort to get ahead of the curve, Forbes.com reports that the Australian arm of the Universal Music Group accidentally began selling digital tracks from No Line on the Horizon on Tuesday. While it only took them two hours to realize their error, by then their blunder had already been plundered (like how we worked that pirate reference in there?). Better luck next time, fellas.

What The U2 Leak Says About Music Biz [Forbes.com via Rolling Stone]