We Never Got a Dark Knight Video Game, So Batman: Arkham Asylum Will Have to Do


Generally speaking, we vastly prefer seeing movies that were based on video games than playing video games based on movies (although we tend to try and skip both). However, seeing as how we've already put in a request to take some time off when Ghostbusters: The Video Game gets released this June, we're thinking we'll be able to take the upcoming Batman: Arkham Asylum for a whirl, too. Wired just got an early look at the game. The plot revolves around Batman capturing the Joker (Mark Hamill, who has previously voiced the Joker in cartoons) and delivering him to the incompetent goons who run the Arkham Asylum, the place where all of Gotham's criminals (and possibly even Amy Winehouse's husband, Blake) are incarcerated.

As you might expect, things go haywire from there, and Batman is forced to duel the Joker, the Riddler, Harley Quinn, and a host of other villains (Zsasz, Blue Beetle) known only to hardcore fanboys, while trying to get the Joker locked up for good. Since the trailer for the game (see below) eschews video showing actual game play for the more cinematic cut scenes, it's hard to tell if the finished product is going to be any good. However, considering no one ever bothered to release a Dark Knight video game, this is gonna have to satiate our Batman fix for the year. That is, of course, unless Cher decides to pull a Sean Young and puts up a webcam video of herself auditioning for the role of Catwoman on YouTube.

A First-Hand Tour of Batman: Arkham Asylum's Madhouse [Wired via Goldenfiddle]