Is Christopher Nolan’s New, Non-Batman Movie the Final Nail for Our Economy?


As the Dow falls, unemployment rises, and Americans teach themselves to enjoy the flavor of shoe leather in anticipation of the coming megadepression, we've been holding out hope for either an effective stimulus package or a new Christopher Nolan–helmed Batman movie, which are probably the only two things that could rescue our broken economy at this point. Sadly, Variety reports that the director is in talks with Warner Bros. to make Inception — a Jokerless sci-fi actioner based on his own original script — meaning the follow-up to the billion-grossing Knight probably won't see release until after our currency has become worthless, and the only way to get a movie ticket will be to barter away our food rations. Thanks a lot, Nolan!

Nolan tackles 'Inception' for WB [Variety]