Astro Boy Teaser Trailer Voiced by Familiar Dead Person


Tagline: "In this secret land, the world's top scientist is building his most incredible creation."

Translation: Did someone figure out how to reanimate Don LaFontaine?

The Verdict: No really, we'd like to know! The famed voice-over artist passed away back on September 1, but seeing how his distinctive voice continues to crop up in brand-new trailers a good six months after he shuffled off this mortal coil, we can only assume that he laid down a 2pac/Makaveli-sized library of "In a world where ... " phrases that movie studios will be robbing for decades to come. Now that we've covered that minor rant, we've realized there's not much to say about the new computer-animated adaptation of the famed Japanese manga: A robotic Pinocchio knockoff (voiced by Freddie Highmore) gets built by a lonely yet mad genius scientist (Nicolas Cage) and discovers that flying around the city firing lasers at bad guys is everything it's cracked up to be ... AND MORE!

New 'Astro Boy' Teaser [Nuke the Fridge]