Juan Antonio Bayona to Direct Twilight 3


Following a flood of recent rumors, Summit Entertainment has officially settled on a director for the third Twilight movie, Eclipse: Juan Antonio Bayona, a Guillermo del Toro protégé whose 2007 thriller The Orphanage was Spain's submission for last year's foreign-language Oscar. Eclipse will be his first film in English. The selection of another male filmmaker probably won't please Twilight fans, who protested when Chris Weitz was hired to replace Catherine Hardwicke for New Moon, and have long maintained that only a female can properly translate Stephenie Meyer's vampire-romance novels to the screen. Even so, we mostly liked the first Twilight movie for the drastic changes Hardwicke made to the original book, and we're excited to see what Bayona comes up with, being that he's not only of an opposite gender to Meyer, but also thinks in a completely different language.

Summit Picks Bayona To Direct Twilight Threequel 'Eclipse': Will Fans Say Olé? [DHD]

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