Bailout Rock Gets a Boost Thanks to Mickey Rourke


As you will no doubt recall, last week we posed the question, "Who's going to compose the first great Bailout Rock anthem?" Well, aside from Prince and country-music star John Rich, it turns out there is a whole slew of other musicians also striving to become this generation's Woody Guthrie. We just came across a Washington Post piece on what they describe as the "rapidly expanding recession-music playlist" (you don't have to say it, we know that "Bailout Rock" has a better ring to it). It turns out that artists as diverse as Neil Young, Young Jeezy, and rapper Rugged N Raw* are also using the power of music to address the recession-related hardships our nation is currently facing. However, until one of them is able to one-up recent NYT subject John Rich by convincing someone cooler than Mickey Rourke to appear in their music video, we find it impossible to make a case that the championship belt belongs to anything other than "Shuttin' Detroit Down" (when it drops, we fully expect it to singlehandedly save the economy).

Protest From the Right Side of Country [NYT]
Broke(n) Records [WP via Daily Swarm]

*In a hilarious twist, Rugged N Raw makes it rain in his video for "I'm Broke and Proud" not with hundred dollar bills, but with coupons for the grocery store.