Bob Dylan Throws Us One to Obsess Over


Together Through Life won’t be out for another month, but Bob Dylan obsessives have wasted no time analyzing every crumb of information available so far: The title’s a Walt Whitman reference! Lyrics are borrowed from The Canterbury Tales! It’s all an homage to Larry Brown (the author, unfortunately, not the curmudgeonly basketball coach)! But now there’s actually something to analyze — Dylan’s offering up a new song "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'" for download on his site today and tomorrow only. So, what’s on Bob’s mind? The narrator here is a fellow near the end of his rope. Is it a straight dead-end-town love song? A meditation on impending death? A heavily veiled allusion to his recent port-a-potty troubles? Either way, we’re glad to see him stretching the musical boundaries with the use of Auto-Tune. Just kidding — this sounds like a Bob Dylan song.

Download "Beyond Here Lies Nothin'":