Music Business Could’ve Been Saved If Only All Those Guys Who Aren’t Bono Had Done Something


"There were huge tactical errors made by the music industry. It was for younger bands to take on the the fight against illegal downloading but they were fooled into thinking it wasn't hip. I wasn't going to get involved because I'm on enough soap boxes as it is." —Bono [Female First]

"It's no different from an NBA dude — when you see an NBA player go to [New York's] Rucker [Park street-ball court]. They bring a different game to the park. They don't bring the regular NBA game. It's two games I can play. I can hit you with the radio songs to sell records or I can do something else." —Bow Wow on releasing his second mix tape, Half Man Half Dog 2. [MTV]

"I guess it's all sort of known now, but it's interesting that I almost feel bad talking about it, like it's gossip or something, but it's out there!" —Gretchen Mol on talking about JFK's affairs in relation to An American Affair [Suicide Girls]

"Doing the butt-kicking stuff was no problem. But crying? That's scary!" —Zoe Bell on starring as the actor and stunt woman in the online series Angel of Death [Hero Complex/LAT]

"I was watching some episodes the other night and I was like, 'This is the weirdest show I've ever seen in my life!' And then my friend was over, and she said, 'Yeah, weirdest show since Twin Peaks. As normal as we play it, as straight as we play it. But you can't. It's weird! —Chloë Sevigny on Big Love [LAT]