Defecation Row: Bob Dylan’s Porta John Inspires Neighbor Outrage, Crappy Headlines


Bob Dylan's neighbors are irate over the stink emanating from a portable toilet on the crotchety singer's massive Malibu estate. One claims the smell is so bad that it overpowers even the "five industrial-size fans" he's installed in his yard, and others say the fumes have left them physically ill and forced them to "abandon their bedrooms on warm nights."

Dylan and the city have reportedly not responded to repeated complaints, though it's just as well, since if they had, we wouldn't have sterling quotes like this one, from the guy with all the fans: "Its a scandal — 'Mr. Civil Rights' is killing our civil rights."

It's currently unknown whether Dylan is personally responsible for any of the odor (the toilet is reportedly for use by his security guards), though we still think our nation's headline writers should be able to do better than the obvious "Bob Dylan's toilet stench is blowing in the wind," given his large, pun-friendly song repertoire (TMZ's shows a little effort, at least).

Malibu residents upset at Bob Dylan's outhouse [LA Now/LAT]