TV Reporters Spoil Each Other’s Blind Items


If you like House and hate spoilers, you'll probably want to stop reading now, we guess. This afternoon, within a few minutes of each other, EW's Michael Ausiello and E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos posted blind items, both of which seem to correspond to the exact same thing. Ausiello claims a "major character" on a "major show" will commit suicide before season's end, and "no one will see it coming." Except maybe people who read E! Online, probably! Dos Santos says a character on House will die "with no lead-up" in a way that "will take you completely by surprise" (assuming, that is, that you missed Ausiello's blind item).

So who kills himself (or herself), anyway? We have no idea! According to Dos Santos, the character fits this description: "it's not the most likely candidate," "it's not someone who has been rumored to be leaving," and "it is someone who will shock you." So we bet it's probably House.

Blind item: Guess the suicide shocker! [Ausiello Files/EW]
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