Home-Foreclosure Woes Spell Trouble for Alison Lohman in Drag Me to Hell


Tagline: "You shamed me. Soon it will be you who comes begging to me."

Translation: There's a very good chance that this could become the official movie of the Downturnaround.

The Verdict: Finally! After enduring what seems like years of icky torture porn, creatively bankrupt slasher films, and tired J-horror retreads, horror-movie enthusiasts will finally be treated to a good old-fashioned "scary curse" movie. Sam Raimi wrote and directed this project, marking the first time he has stepped behind the camera to helm a feature that didn't have the word "Spider-Man" in its title since the year 2000. Originally set to star Ellen Page, Alison Lohman stepped onto the project when Page got cold feet after her run at Oscar glory last winter. The plot looks to be very much of the zeitgeist, as Lohman portrays a young bank employee who finds herself on the receiving end of an ancient curse after her boss forces her to deny a thoroughly creepy old woman's request for a mortgage-payment extension. As geeked as we are to see this when it gets released in late May, we're even more excited for its inevitable sequel: Drag Bernie Madoff to Hell.

Drag Me To Hell Trailer [Trailer Addict]