Found in Roberto Bolaño’s Desk: Two New Novels, Part Six of 2666


So you thought you were finally finished reading 2666? Think again! A more thorough examination of the papers left behind by deceased author Roberto Bolaño has uncovered two new novels, reportedly titled Diorama and The Troubles of the Real Police Officer, plus what's believed to be a sixth part to the writer's five-part novel, 2666. The literary agency in charge of his estate has declined to comment, but if reports are true, this would follow the discovery of The Third Reich, another unpublished Bolaño book found last year. English translations of three novels and four short-story collections were already scheduled for release in 2011, so our condolences to his poor translator, Natasha Wimmer, who will probably have to reschedule that vacation she'd been planning for 2012.

Two new Bolaño novels found among papers left after death [Guardian UK]

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