Hero Bloggers Thwart 50 Cent’s Casting in Movie


We find it amusing and ironic that on the very same weekend Variety launched a broadside attack on snarky, vitriolic movie bloggers, it was snarky, vitrolic movie bloggers who may have saved us all from having to watch 50 Cent act in another movie.

Last week, Sylvester Stallone himself wrote in to Ain't It Cool News to announce that Curtis Jackson would replace Forest Whitaker as Hale Caesar in his upcoming Mickey Rourke–starring action movie The Expendables. But while the professionals at Variety stood idly by, waiting for more official confirmation, Vulture and our snarky, professionalism-eschewing, pajama-clad brethren snapped into action, loudly and shrilly complaining that casting 50 Cent would irreparably damage a film whose roster already included Dolph Lundgren. Toxic bloggers that we are, we even facetiously suggested that 50's bad acting would torpedo the comeback that Rourke has worked so hard for.

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50 Cent is out! Who is in THE EXPENDABLES? Stallone says... [Ain't It Cool News]

Earlier: Can 50 Cent Sink Mickey Rourke’s Comeback?