Hollywood Undead, Our New Favorite Rap-Rockers


Today we realized that the band Hollywood Undead existed, after reading about them in the New York Post. Curiosity piqued — fascinatingly, these six young, fun-loving nihilists, camped out on the Billboard charts for weeks, constitute the vanguard of the deathless genre known as rap-rock — we went to YouTube, typed H-O-L into the search and let auto-fill do its work, and found ourselves pleasantly immersed in echoes of late Weezer, Eminem, Insane Clown Posse, Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, Bloodhound Gang, Kid Rock, Crazy Town, and other bands we’ll freely admit to enjoying in various doses at various times. Check out this video for “No. 5” and see if it doesn’t put a grin on your face.