Is This Guy Broadway’s Spider-Man?


Maybe! According to the Post's Michael Riedel, who snuck into a secret preview of Julie Taymor's Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark this week, actor-singer Reeve Carney is "the leading contender" to play Broadway's Peter Parker. Carney, who plays in Johnny Lang's band as well an in an eponymous one of his own, is also slated to appear in Taymor's upcoming film adaptation of The Tempest, which would certainly seem to give him an edge. Riedel describes "Rise Above," the song he sang at the preview, as "as good as any rock ballad in Rent," which makes us slightly nervous for the show as a whole, though we think Carney is probably a solid choice to play Spider-Man: He can sing, he can presumably act, and, most important, he has brown hair.

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