It Was an Honor Just for Ron Jeremy to Be in a Porno That Was in a Movie That Was Nominated


"There's a scene where one of the soldiers is watching a porno, and it's me on the screen, you can tell ... And they thank me in the end credits. [It's] pretty nice to be recognized like that, in an Academy Award-nominated film." —Ron Jeremy on Waltz With Bashir [NYP]

"They're all pretty dirty. The titles are things like, 'I'm In Love With Someone Else So Fuck You' and 'Eat Shit and Die.' But the songs themselves are so very beautiful." —Margaret Cho on the songs in her forthcoming album, tentatively titled Guitarded [Time]

"You know, you get past it, try to get past it, and just keep on doing the job. I think that Trevor came up with that name and it was one of his files on his computer. He just kept it for the movie." —Craig Robinson on dealing with his character's name, Horsedick.mpg, in Miss March [Cinema Blend]

"People asked — in all seriousness — 'Are you guys Satanists?'" —Chris Cornell on the fan reaction after the first Soundgarden album [Guardian UK]

"I hid in the tour bus crying. When [my bandmates] found me I was crying my eyes out, going, 'The band's not working out. We should split up.' Nobody believed what was wrong, and eventually I snapped, 'All right, I got a wedgie, OK?'" —Pete Doherty on having his undies yanked by a fan [Contact Music]

“It’s like a ten-year-old boy's fantasy schedule; you wake up and have horse riding at ten o’clock, archery at eleven o ‘clock, sword fighting at twelve o’clock." —Alan Doyle on the arduous training schedule for Ridley Scott's upcoming Robin Hood [Movies Blog/MTV]