Jimmy Barrett Joins the Dharma Initiative


Last night witnessed a historic television crossover moment: Mad Men's Jimmy Barrett (Patrick Fischler) scored a Hawaiian vacation as a guest on Lost, the first overlap between the two series, as far as we're aware. Fischler is now the third major Mad Men star — after Jon Hamm (whose final episode of 30 Rock airs in two weeks) and Rich Sommer (who was on The Office twice) — to infiltrate one of our other greatest-ever shows. Plus, did you notice Fischler played Phil, a grouchy, Jimmy Barrett–esque Dharma Initiative security guard alongside Kevin Rankin (Friday Night Lights' Herc)? Is the Lost island the new refuge for great actors from excellent, ratings-challenged TV shows? Somebody tell Vincent Kartheiser to call his agent — wouldn't Pete Campbell make a great Other?