Fallon Tweets Back


You know what you thought of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon — but what did Jimmy Fallon think? Sadly, he did not Tweet during the taping, so the world will never know what was going through his head while he interviewed Robert De Niro ("Boy am I sweaty! It sure was a terrible idea to invite Robert De Niro as my first-ever talk-show guest!" we bet) — but he weighed in shortly after: "1st show done. I was a bit nervous. But overall really happy. Phew!" Also: "our 10th show will be better than the first. Our 50th show better than the 10th." When some Australian guy pointed out that this did not bode well for the episodes in between, Fallon agreed: "yes, those are all clunkers." Then, four hours ago, someone asked him if the show was viewable online — "it should be. Let me check," he Tweeted — but he's not been heard from since. We hope he didn't accidentally board a space train.

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