Joaquin Phoenix’s Fake Rap Career Leads to Fake Fight With Fake Fan


In the weeks since Joaquin Phoenix showed up on The Late Show With David Letterman and willingly transformed himself into a walking national punch line, we had been trying our darndest to forget Phoenix's ill-advised, altogether "terrible" faux rap career. Perhaps sensing that most of the nation had turned their attention away from his beard and onto the Octomom, Phoenix decided to pull a page out of the Brian Jonestown Massacre playbook and launch himself back into the spotlight by brawling with a heckler at a "concert" (we use that term VERY loosely) in Miami last night. As you have come to expect, grainy footage of the incident (complete with a barely intelligible audio track!) quickly made its way onto YouTube, but it's very difficult to tell if any blows were thrown (let alone landed). We can only hope that Casey Affleck's ever-present documentary crew got a better shot. Because, otherwise, what's the point? Watch for yourself after the jump.

Joaquin Phoenix Jumps into Crowd at His Miami Show [People]