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Julia Roberts Not About to Let Clive Owen Forget About Her Oscar

"Mounted. So when you open the door, it's right there. His memory's not great. So it's just a constant reminder." —Julia Roberts on mounting her Oscar in Clive Owen's trailer on the set of Duplicity [MTV]

"He's witty, quick, and sarcastic — which can be a little intimidating. He's scary in the way that David Letterman is scary." —Elisha Cuthbert on her Old School co-star Vince Vaughn [People]

"[He's] a sweetheart. Just so generous and kind." —Elisha Cuthbert on her Old School co-star Luke Wilson [People]

"I do feel a lot of pressure. You can’t help it. So I’ve been handling it by taking up boxing; I’m wildly addicted to pills; and two to three times a week, I do scream therapy, where I scream into a pillow." —Amy Poehler on preparing for her new show, Parks and Recreation []

"Anyone can play the St. Patrick's Day parade, but it takes a real band to get kicked out." —Ken Casey of the Dropkick Murphys on having to withdraw from a parade to calm their fans down [Spinner]

"I said: ‘Yes, but it’s a bit Village People.’ He burst out laughing and started singing YMCA.” —Tom Hardy on what happened when he confronted criminal Charles Bronson about his mustache [Sun UK]

"I won’t be [cross-dressing] — well, not on film [but] I like to do my due-diligence and really get into the character.” —Billy Crudup on preparing for his next role playing J. Edgar Hoover in Public Enemies [Movies Blog/MTV]

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