Katherine Heigl’s Brain Tumor Comes With a 5 Percent Survival Rate


When news first broke that Katherine Heigl's character on Grey's Anatomy was suffering from some brain-tumor-esque ailment, most pegged the grumpy star as a goner. But then came word from creator Shonda Rhimes that, depending on how contract talks went with the show's rising star, the brain tumor could be operable. However, in last night's episode, the residents of Seattle Grace diagnosed "Patient X" (a.k.a. Heigl) with a particularly nasty strain of skin cancer, a prognosis that carries with it a slim, 5 percent chance of survival. There's only one thing we can think of to get us through these admittedly difficult times, and that's the hope that Tom O'Neil will one day analyze how this news affects Heigl's chances at winning another Emmy.

Heigl: Grey's Doc Has Cancer, 5 Percent Chance of Survival [Us]