Leaked: New Peter Bjorn and John Album Makes Us Forget All About Their Whistling


Peter Bjorn and John, Living Thing

Official release date: March 31

The Verdict: Sure, Writer's Block was okay, but it suffered for having one glorious, whistle-happy earworm of a single, and ten other songs that didn't quite stack up (though they were all mostly pretty good). Happily, Living Thing — which leaked sometime last night — fares better; lead single "Nothing to Worry About" is still the best track here (we think we like it even more than "Young Folks"), but there are at least four we like nearly as much. Namely: the title track, "The Feeling," "Blue Period Picasso," and "Just the Past," which succeeds despite (or because of — we haven't decided) its strong resemblance to Eddie Murphy's "Party All the Time."