Lily Allen Cleans Up Nicely for Video About Her Sexual Problems


It must be bad enough dating the bratty Brit princess Lily Allen — hearing her talk about herself constantly, having to get everything off the high shelves for her — without having the bird run off and release a song about how you can't make her have an orgasm, but here it is: "Not Fair," a crude, cutesy, and sadly irresistible little kiss-off from the spokeschick of England's overshare generation (she has said the guy is real). The video, one of those where the band's transposed into some campy setting, is half as amusing as the lyrics, but we've got to credit the wardrobe person who got Allen into that fabulous pristine-white jumpsuit, which we can only assume she stripped out of immediately after this shoot to change into something soft and pink with a brand name printed across the ass.